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Carole Sheldon

Hey ya'll, I'm Carole! ☀️

I am a wife, twin mama, United States Navy veteran, Pastry chef, and wife, married to my partner and best friend, Steven. I’ve started this blog as a way to document the days of my life, as my family and I work together, toward our long-time goal of building a homestead in the high-desert, mountains on the outskirts of Santa Fe, NM.


Our story goes like this: My family and I moved here on a whim, back in 2021, right after an impromptu hike in Sedona, Arizona. I felt, what could only be described as a pull on my heartstrings, that we were meant to be here in this place, without ever having visited before! The realization of that dream, came after years of writing about it in my journal, a gratitude practice I took up to cope with my husband’s military deployments during a season of new motherhood.

Those early days were hard, but the vision of one day owning a home, with enough land to have a kitchen garden large enough to feed my growing family, is what got me through. That dream, along with a whole ‘lot of prayer, grit, and a bit of faith, is what led us here, to our farmhouse on just under four acres of land, which we now lovingly call, Idlewild.


This blog is, first and foremost, a practice in vulnerability for me as I learn to show up courageously and share our journey through writing. I hope that it may also serve as a beacon of encouragement, and a gentle reminder to listen to the guiding voice within you, to keep growing, always, toward the direction of your dreams.


Welcome in, to Idlewild Homestead.

'Keep growing, ya'll.


-Carole S.

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